In the territory of South Park are located two environmental education centers in the community of Madrid, one in the farm hamlet de Henares (municipality of San Fernando de Henares) and another in El Campillo (Rivas-Vaciamadrid). More than a third of the surface of the first and the entire El Campillo are included in Zone B or Park Nature Reserve, while the north of the Caserio de Henares is classified as Zone E (bound for agricultural, forestry, recreational, educational and / or environmental equipment and / or Special Purpose).

The two centers to carry out information, interpretation and education related to Regional Park values and behaviors that require the preservation of the environment in the context of sustainable development.

The objectives of these centers are essentially:

·         Promote interest, knowledge and understanding of the factors and environmental processes and their connection to economic and cultural systems.

·         To facilitate understanding of environmental issues that affect their environment, relate to the rest of the planet and promote behaviors and capabilities aimed at its resolution.

·         Promoting the motivation to participate actively and responsibly in environmental matters.

·         To value the natural and cultural resources of South Park.

·         Encourage habits and provide opportunities for use and enjoyment of the environment that are compatible with the conservation of those values.

·         Encourage coordination among the local population needs, the expectations of visitors and the sustainable management of the Regional Park.

·         Provide educational resources related to this protected area.

Both schools develop programs for local people and the public education system.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education contributes to the formation of teachers, who practice on their students to develop environmental education activities in the middle, for which they are provided with documentation and monitor support. The program is available directly to schools, pre-arranging the visit.

It is made available to the general public all the resources of the Centers, as pathways, workshops, exhibitions, library, documentation, audio, games, etc ..., preferably on weekends and holidays. Through informative sheet shows the range of activities for every season.

Campaigns are also thematic and special dates, consumption or use of water, energy, protected areas, natural resources or an environmental problem (such as waste, fire or pollution).

The programs for the local population are described below in each center, they are more dependent on their specific characteristics (population, environment and resources).


Environmental education center "El Campillo"

The Center's environment is determined by Campillo lagoon of the same name (an ancient gravel pit), the proximity of the river Jarama and the cliffs that mark the landscape. In addition to the vegetation and fauna of ecosystems, aquatic and riparian, are remarkable features of gypsum formed by the cliffs. Among its resources to highlight the ecological, paleontological and archaeological-exponents of the use of land by people since prehistoric times, as the axis around which explain the changes and consequences far derivatives to define current practices and behaviors consistent with a sustainable development.

Environmental education center " Caserío de Henares "

Caserio de Henares, owned by the Comunidad de Madrid and managed by the Ministry, has an area of 194 ha and is located in the valley of the river Henares, in a suitable environment for activities based on knowledge of forest banks and the practice of agriculture. In addition to the grove of the river and the abundant bird life, there is near the remains of archaeological and paleontological and the Castle-Palace Soto de Aldovea. Together represent a natural setting within an area of intense human activity.