• Invasive species survey

    Help us understand how we can improve our communication on nature conservation and invasive species. Read More
  • XX Anniversary

    It is fulfilled during 2014, the twentieth anniversary of the declaration of the Regional Park Read More
  • Flora and vegetation

    The vegetation in the Southeast Regional Park is the result, as in any other jurisdiction, the influence of several factors acting in the middle. Read More
  • Population and history

    The proximity of this protected natural area of the large town of Madrid joined the many populations around them lie, and constitute the metropolitan area, have resulted in a dynamic. Read More
  • Fototrampeo

    El Parque Regional del Sureste utiliza la técnica del Fototrampeo para la investigación sobre la fauna silvestre, evitando molestias innecesarias. Read More

    Much of Environmental Education Programs of the Ministry of Environment and Planning develops in its network of environmental education. Read More
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Invasive species survey

The Park is cooperating with Milene Matos (Aveiro University, Portugal), who is undertaking a study supported from Europarc and  Alfred Toepfer Foundation. The purpose of the study is learn to create effective management plans addressing alien invasive species and how to engage in ethics and communicate the need of controlling those species to the general public.

Alien invasive species are a worldwide leading cause of biodiversity decline, ranking second only to habitat loss. The negative consequences of invasive species extend beyond environment to ecosystem services, public health, economy, aesthetics, etc., representing a main concern and threat to all aspects of sustainability. Once established, invasive species are extremely difficult and costly to control and eradicate, and their ecological effects are often irreversible.

Thus, producing effective invasive species management plans is a central assue in conservation, and increasing awareness and understanding of the risks and issues involved in dealing with invasive alien species is an overarching matter in conservation communication. When it comes to charismatic species, ethical questions also rise, and tackle conservation through their control is a very complex issue.

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