Bien es sabido que en la naturaleza no existen partes totalmente autónomas o departamentos estancos sin conexión con el medio que le rodea; todo pues está interconexionado. A un sistema físico determinado, entendido como el conjunto de factores interdependientes que lo definen, le ha de corresponder otro sistema biológico, con componentes interdependientes entre sí, entendido este último como el conjunto de animales y plantas o biota. Si aquel, el sistema físico, tiene carácter de singularidad, el biológico adquiere idéntico carácter. Este es el caso del Parque: su biota tiene numerosos componentes singulares, cuando no raros. En esta sección se hace un breve repaso de flora, vegetación y fauna.


It is well known that in nature there are no parts or watertight compartments fully autonomous with no connection to the surrounding environment, all for this interconnection. A given physical system, understood as a set of interrelated factors that define it, you must map another biological system with interdependent components, the latter understood as the set of animals and plants or biota. If the former, the physical system, has the character of uniqueness, becomes identical biological character. This is the case in the park: its unique biota has numerous components, if not rare. This section provides a brief overview of flora, vegetation and fauna.

1. Flora y Vegetación

2. Fauna


This technique is used for the investigation of wildlife species in order to avoid unnecessary disturbance. Downloading: Map of municipalities in the area of socio-economic influence. Downloading: Map of population trends.

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Flora and vegetation

The vegetation in the Southeast Regional Park is the result, as in any other jurisdiction, the influence of several factors acting in the middle. The geological history, lithology, climate, soil and human activity, whose combined effects are often cumulative, have been changing gradually and continuously floristic composition of the natural environment, yet without being static, leads to their state and present form.

Although the sum effect of all these factors have led in many cases states of degradation, there are still areas with significant flora in the park area that sometimes acquire degree of uniqueness and rarity.

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The climatic, topographic, and hydrologic vegetables Southeast Regional Park provide it with a great diversity of habitats, which necessarily translate into an interesting and important faunal community. It is unusual in one nature reserve match gypsum steppe habitat with many aquatic environments, and running water and stagnant water, or vertical walls of plaster and bits of forest woodlands, all offering numerous opportunities for all wildlife.

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