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Zone F: peripheral zone of protection

Includes a strip of land extending east of the town of Velilla de San Antonio and west from the village of Mejorada del Campo, to the boundaries defined by Law 6 / 1994 Declaration of the Regional Park, as amended by Law 7 / 2003, within the overall geomorphological known as "Jarama river terraces." The environmental characteristics of this area are conditioned by the mining caused his notable alteration.

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Zone G: to order by urban planing

The areas that make up the areas by the Urban Planning Order are those listed below:

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Zone A: integral reserve

Integral Reserve areas are those that include ecosystems, communities or items for their rarity, importance or vulnerability deserve special protection.

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Zone B: nature reserve

Natural Reserve areas are those that have been slightly modified or in which the actual exploitation of natural resources has promoted the existence and development of training, communities or natural features that deserve protection, maintenance, restoration and enhancement.

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Zone C: degraded to regenerate

Included in this group are several areas that have been used intensively, suffering serious deterioration in its natural, but still have a strong natural vocation because of the values that are still home, their potential for regeneration and their proximity, in some cases, Integral Reserve areas or nature reserves. Therefore require a major effort restorer, through which could be recovered in a given period of time all its worth.

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